Grow Your Own Food with Permablitz Hawaii

You may see that here at Ohana Lawn Service we often encourage clients to do it yourself.  We love to have all the new work you can give us, but we know sometimes clients like to get their hands dirty, too.

Keiki food forest developing

Keiki Apple banana, Hawaiian sweet potato, Kalo and Papaya

Enter Permablitz Hawaii

Permablitz is a community collective that is restoring Hawaii’s food security one backyard at a time.  And trust me, they do more than just backyards.  They do front yards and university farms as well.

While you don’t pay money for a Permablitz, you earn it with sweat.  To qualify for a blitz on your property you must first volunteer at three other blitzes.  As you probably know if you’re reading this, that’s half the fun!  This demonstrates the foundation of Permablitz’s three guiding principles:

  1. Permaculture
  2. Reciprocity
  3. Community

The name “perma” is short for permaculture: a design system for sustainable living and land use.  “Blitz” is German for lightning.  A typical Permablitz is a day where a group of people comes together to build edible gardens where someone lives, share permaculture skills and have a great time.

A grassroots volunteer movement, Permablitz truly is Hawaii’s edible garden revolution.

Did you know that 90% of the food we eat in Hawaii is imported?  And do you realize what that means for our food supply if we ever have a natural disaster or labor strike?  Bottom line is we need to grow our own food.

Your Edible Garden

You can keep up with the blitz schedule by joining their mailing list here.

Take note that blitzes have an attendance limit based on the size of the property being worked on, so be sure to respond to RSVP emails within 48 hours if you want to participate.

This movement gets a lot of media and community support, so blitzes fill up quickly.

And of course you will want to want to learn about the people who organize these events.  The Permablitz network is vast with many teaching and learning in different capacities, but here are some of the leaders you will learn from and their partner organizations:

  • Matthew Lynch can be found organizing blitzes, teaching permaculture courses, and running the Asia Pacific Center for Regenerative Design which he founded in 2011.
  • Justin Franzmeier is a lead organizer for blitzes as well.  He also designs and builds organic/edible gardens with his company Island Foodscaping.
  • Paul Izak is a great musician.  He is a yoga instructor.  And a Permablitz organizer.  Find out what his unique blend of all three is about at  Or buy his original music at

The talented folks involved with this community effort are too numerous to mention here, so you can follow this link to learn about Hunter Heavilin of Pono Permaculture, Allen Fanning of Transition Oahu, and many more.

Keep In Touch

Above are links to Permablitz HI as well as the many other organizations and individuals which offer even more information and events from their mailings lists.

And you can join the Ohana Lawn Service mailing list here to keep tabs on the best of all of it.

Become Certified

For those who would like to take the next step from novice to Permaculture Design Certified, there is a six week course just for you that is accepting registrants right now.  Matthew Lynch and Hunter Heavilin are teaming up with Transition Oahu to provide this hands on learning experience.

Classes begin January 19 with an early bird price for those who register by December 31.

You can find info and registration here.

You can also find a nice Thanksgiving write-up on the Permablitz blog here.

Thank you all for reading and growing –  please share with your friends and networks :)

And please join the conversation with your comments and questions below!

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