Happy New Year from Ohana Lawn Service

You made it to 2013!  With the holidays behind us, the first week of the year is often a time of reflection for many of us.  It is a time to step back and look at the big picture, if you will.

This is definitely true at Ohana Lawn Service.

Kailua Landscaping

Mokulua Islands

To provide you with the best service possible, we find it important to take a holistic and long-term view of what’s best for your property.  What is best for your plants and soil?  What is the desired schedule and budgetary outlook?  It is our goal to bring these many different factors into accordance as best as possible.

Sure, we can provide you with quick fixes and the landscape maintenance you need right now.  But we’ll always be there to discuss your dreams and long-term plans as well.

We have been able to grow as a company over the past couple years, and we are extremely grateful for all of our new and continuing clients.

Building relationships with you, your neighbors, other landscaping companies and service providers over the years helps us continually improve on the services we offer.  It also allows us to consult with you on a variety of issues relating to your property, not just landscaping.  We will either be able to satisfy your concern, or introduce you to the contractor who can.

Landscaping in Kailua, Kaneohe and Waimanalo is some of the most fulfilling work a person can do.  Just ask any other Windward Oahu landscaper; it’d be tough to find a better office!

If you need help with landscaping or lawn care in 2013, we hope you keep us in mind.  You can read about our team here or send us an email/call here.

May the New Year bring health and happiness to your family and your yard!

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