Kailua Landscaping Testimonial

After 6 years of living overseas and many different tenants occupying my little Hawaiian shack in Kailua, I was horror stricken upon returning to the property.  Sitting on a fairly large piece of landscape, I can honestly say that the cottage was inundated with dead and dying overgrowth and an un-kept dirt yard (prior to leaving it was lush green grass).

My heart sank further knowing that I had employed and paid large sums to 4 different lawn and landscaping companies over the course of the past year alone.  Friends that I trusted assured me that the property was lush and well taken care of… I did not realize that I needed to ask whether their definition of “lush” was positive or negative.

An enthusiastic acquaintance suggested Ohana Lawn Service as the perfect remedy.  I felt my hesitation to pay yet another service was justified but my determination to restore my landscape prevailed, and there was no way I could do it alone.

I spoke with Sam Wilhoite on multiple occasions, discussing my expectations and concerns.  He patiently visited my property three different times, responded diligently to my continuous questions on email and over the phone and provided a reasonable quote, which gained my excitement for revitalizing my little Hawaiian oasis.

The Ohana Lawn Service team arrived on site with eagerness, smiles and super friendly energy.  They dove into work quickly and as the hours passed their enthusiasm did not waver.  Slowly the property began to regain its shape.

When they left it was as if I was looking at a whole new landscape: fresh, clean and vibrant!  I never would have believed that after all I had been through with past services that my property could look so beautiful again, so quickly.

I wouldn’t claim that Ohana Lawn Service works miracles, but it is apparent from the history of the company and their commitment to the customer that they simply know how to provide OUTSTANDING service and exceed expectations.

Mahalo nui loa for all that you do Ohana!

-Lubica Tomasovich


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