Leading the Clean with Brad

At Ohana Lawn Service we are proud to have a talented team of landscapers.  As with any great team, you need a great leader to keep everyone moving in the right direction.

You can count on Brad Hunt to lead our professional crew in keeping your property squeaky clean.

Hawaii Landscaper

Brad has been with Ohana for two years now and has been able to learn the details within all of our clients’ landscapes.  This has allowed us to put him in charge of the crew that runs our regular maintenance routes.  If you have a question while we are on your property, Brad is there to help and easy to talk to.

From a small town in Missouri, Brad has been landscaping professionally for 6 years.  He started on the farm helping his grandfather at a young age.

In his free time Brad likes to go hunting, camping, fishing as well as playing sports like basketball and baseball.  He enjoys the culture and pace of life in Hawaii, saying it reminds him of home where people don’t rush around like they do in big cities.  Another interesting fact about Brad is that he tried out for the MLB (professional baseball) while in school.

Brad is married to wife Sarah and they have two sons, Jayden 5 and Ryan who is two months old.

About working at Ohana, Brad says, “the guys are all great.  Being so far from home, they’re kind of like my second family.”

He would also like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to our founder and President, Norman Wilhoite:  “If I’ve ever needed anything, all I had to do was ask.  So thanks for everything Norm!”


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