“Highly Recommended” Landscape Service in Kailua, Hawaii

Everyday we are extremely delighted to care for and maintain your beautiful lawns and landscapes all over Windward Oahu.DSC_0022

What’s not to love?  The amazing scenery and beauty of Hawaii, great team-mates, and of course the most awesome and appreciative clients we could ever ask for, you!

At this time of year we are always reminded of our many blessings and give thanks for all the love and support from our clients, friends and family over the years.

One such long-time client and friends are Dr. George and Bay Westlake, who offered these kind words to describe our service:

“You may count on Ohana for long-term, reliable service!  Customers need not remind them to show up on schedule and do the complete job as agreed.  They also proactively keep a calendar of periodic extra work, which they fit in when due.  And when we generate one-time only, large, unusual or even disagreeable chores, those get tackled smoothly with Ohana’s customary energy and competence.

We highly recommend Ohana for people who want someone to happily shoulder the responsibility for maintaining their grounds immaculately year after year!”

We are honored to serve our neighbors and honored by such glowing words.

If you or someone you know could use help with their regular lawn service, or maybe a full landscape cleanup before or after the holidays, please give us a call or email!

Thank you for stopping by our page, and thank you to all of past present and future clients and friends for the continued support.  From all of us at Ohana, have a great and joyous holiday season!

The Key To Mowing Hawaii Turf Properly

How To Cut Your Grass at the Right Height

As a homeowner, there are many things around the house you need to maintain.

Maybe none more glaring than your lawn.

And if you’ve read our Quick Guide to Windward Oahu Landscaping, you know that many parts of Kailua, Kaneohe and Waimanalo are a rainforest-like environment where plants and turf love to grow — quickly! Continue reading

Dethatching and Reel Mowing: How To Bring Your (Old) Zoysia Back to Life

On Oahu, common zoysia grass (properly known as emerald zoysia) is often found in landscapes, especially in Kailua and Kaneohe.  This grass is popular here because it is resistant to drought and salt, which makes it perfect for ocean front landscaping.

When maintained correctly zoysia is a beautiful choice, it is kept low and tight and has the look and feel of a golf course putting green.

But there are pros and cons to everything, and the main drawback to zoysia is that it can grow out of control quickly.  You’ve probably seen it before, where the grass clumps over itself into mounds like the photo below: Continue reading

Topdressing & Aeration: How To Recondition Your Soil and Smooth Lumpy Lawns


Soil Amendments

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to recondition your lawn and landscape is with soil topdressing.

Like anything, your lawn can deteriorate over time.  Sure, we can bring in new turf and install a beautiful new lawn for you whenever that time comes.  But we often provide renovations to existing yards instead of brand new installs. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning for Your Landscape

Has this rainy weather crept up on you, then all of a sudden BOOM:  your yard has grown out of control?

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