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You may have or know someone who has landscaping horror stories:  rogue yard work help, do-it-yourself gone wrong, or the abrupt appearance of a sinkhole.

Pamela Griffin of Kaneohe, a long time customer of ours, has experienced all three.

“My first mishap was attempting to be my own gardener.  Quick to make one feel immensely inadequate, the experience drove me to throw in the towel.  Then when I hired a yard service, after one service on my property they managed to slice our 10 ft trampoline completely down the middle.”

“It was time to find another gardener.”

“I first met the Wilhoite family over 10 years ago at our community church.  Had I known of their business, I would have requested service much sooner and avoided several mishaps.  Since then, my garden and family have been in trustworthy hands.”

“From the first service until the most recent, Ohana Lawn Service has consistently provided reliable, thorough performance in all responsibilities.”

“Over the years I have felt so comfortable approaching Ohana Lawn Service that I have sought their assistance in several projects that I could not successfully accomplish on my own.  Whether it is a request by phone or email, I can always rest assured that my concerns are given immediate attention and will be handled to completion.”

“Another time while gardening, my foot sunk into a hole unexpectedly.  Without hesitation I called Norman and he assured me the hole was the result of an old septic system, and not the scene where a body was buried.  I’m still embarrassed that my mind jumped to that conclusion, but the hole was quickly patched up with soil and a smile.”

“I appreciate being in the care of diligent hands that are committed to ensuring that my garden and peace of mind are well tended to.”

We truly appreciate Pamela as well as all of our clients who make our work possible.

As a local family business with many connections to the community, we strive to treat all our clients like Ohana.

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