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Scheduled maintenance

Our most popular service is the bi-weekly maintenance schedule. On this schedule you are given a certain day, and we service your property that same day every two weeks. We also offer weekly and luxury maintenance services.

Clean Ups & Restorations

In addition to these repeat service schedules we offer one time clean-ups for clients who are just beginning lawn service with us, and those who would like to maintain their own properties but need help controlling their overgrown landscape.

Spring and fall clean ups are popular among our clients.  Depending on your plant variety and landscape conditions, you may require annual, semi-annual or quarterly service in certain areas.

One of the best ways to restore existing turf and foliage is by adding soil amendments. We offer our clients a variety of organic amendments from Menehune Magic such as topsoil, mulch and sand to top dress turf and recondition beds and planters.


Sometimes you need to start with a blank slate, and we can help you realize your vision.  We can install your choice of turf, decorative hedges, flowers, trees or an edible landscape with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

We can design and install an entirely new landscape for your property, or we can help you renovate one section at a time to stay in budget.


Our services are:

  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Edging
  • Green Waste Removal
  • Fertilizer Treatments
  • Weed Spray Treatments
  • One Time Clean-Ups
  • Landscape Renovations