Spring Cleaning for Your Landscape

Has this rainy weather crept up on you, then all of a sudden BOOM:  your yard has grown out of control?


As you can see it get’s messy, so let us haul it away for you!

Foliage and turf thrive year round in the humid Windward Oahu climate, but it is during springtime that growth really begins to accelerate.  The continuing rains coupled with longer days provide the perfect combination of extra water and sunlight.

Perfect, if you have a regular lawn care schedule, that is.  If not, you may be ready for a Spring Clean Up!

If you decide to have Ohana Lawn or any good landscaping company do the work for you, it is best to walk the property with us so we can create a clear game plan before starting the project.

There are three keys to consider when tackling your clean up, and we’ll make sure to cover all the bases.

Secure The Perimeter

Often when trees and shrubs haven’t been tended to, they begin to encroach on all borders of a property:  the perimeter and walls of the home, borders between neighbors as well as perimeters of driveways, walking paths, etc.

The first thing to do is make sure nothing is touching the roofline or the house.  We will then proceed to open up walkways and clean up the other perimeters.

Which brings us to our next step:

Open It Up

Especially in a tropical climate like we have here in Hawaii, plants tend to grow into each other, often becoming a tangled mess if left unattended for long periods.

Creating separation between hedges and ornamentals allows them to regenerate and fill in correctly in their own space.

Though plants often look “hacked” after a clean up or have bare spots under overgrown areas (like the Birds of Paradise below), they will grow in beautifully if watered regularly following a clean up.

This is why spring is such a good time to do renovation projects:  we’re normally still getting plenty of rain which will help you save on watering costs.

Now, Breathe!

This is what step two above is really all about: it gives your plants some breathing room.  Plants won’t grow correctly when stifled by their neighbors.

Breathing room is also important for turf, which depending on the variety can over-thatch and in essence choke itself out. Zoysia is one variety that if overgrown on your property may very well need to be dethatched.

Dethatching thick grass will often cause it to look brown and burnt out initially (like the Zoysia below), but again with water it will grow back green, flat and attractive instead of lumpy and uneven.  You can learn more about Zoysia and dethatching here.

If you had us do the job, now you get to relax and breathe, too!  We can take care hauling away any of your excess plant material to the green waste facility in Kailua.

If you’re tackling the project yourself, a good tip to know is that homeowners are allowed two loads to the green waste per day free of charge.

Are you ready to schedule a clean up?  You can contact us here to set up a walk through of your property.

Though we covered the basics here, each property is different and we will address your unique details and preferences in our plan.  This is also the perfect time to get your property on a regular maintenance schedule, which will keep it in shape as it grows back.

Click here to see more landscaping clean up photos.

Are you interested in what is a good next step after your clean up is complete?  Click here to learn about topdressing and soil amendments, one of our most popular services.

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