The Key To Mowing Hawaii Turf Properly

How To Cut Your Grass at the Right Height

Grass grows quickly in the humid Windward Hawaii climate!

Grass grows quickly in the humid Windward Hawaii climate!

As a homeowner, there are many things around the house you need to maintain.

Maybe none more glaring than your lawn.

And if you’ve read our Quick Guide to Windward Oahu Landscaping, you know that many parts of Kailua, Kaneohe and Waimanalo are a rainforest-like environment where plants and turf love to grow — quickly!

Yet homeowners across the islands and the country make the same mistake, limiting the health of their lawn; cutting the grass too short!

Why Shouldn’t I Cut My Grass So Short?

Unlike a short haircut in the summer, keeping your lawn high and tight won’t keep it cool and comfortable.  Although you might be tempted to cut short like the greens of a golf course, for the most part you shouldn’t.

In fact, mowing your yard too low can damage the soil and grass itself.  One exception to this rule in Hawaii is the emerald zoysia variety (also known as common zoysia).

Emerald zoysia is meant to be kept tight like a putting green and requires a special type of mower.  You can learn how to care for this type of grass by reading our article about it here.

For most other varieties of turf though, when you cut too short you remove most of the blade.  This is where photosynthesis occurs, which produces root and shoot growth.  Grass that’s too short struggles to fight and defend against weeds, making it more susceptible to them.

Taller turf has more leaf blade which means more photosynthesis.  In turn, this makes the yard healthier and more capable of fighting disease and invasive weeds.

To DIY or Not To DIY?

Hopefully this simple tip will help with the overall health of your lawn!  But of course if you think managing your yard on a regular basis is too much, you can always give us call.  Your first estimate and consultation are free, where you can pick our brains and ask any questions you may have.

The easiest way to follow this tip if you do decide to DIY is to mow your grass higher.  As a rule of thumb, never cut more than 1/3 of the grass-blade at once.

Again, if you already have a lawn service crew or are considering hiring one, please talk to them if you have any concerns related to this topic or feel free to schedule a free appointment with us.

We would love to walk your property with you and answer your questions.

Also, please leave any questions or comments down below and we will get back to you with our best answer!

Mahalo for reading :)

*This article has been adapted for Hawaii and local consumers from the original written by Mowing Expert Jose Castellanos.  Jose is a Product Expert with Power Equipment Direct.  You can read the original article here.

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