Topdressing & Aeration: How To Recondition Your Soil and Smooth Lumpy Lawns


Soil Amendments

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to recondition your lawn and landscape is with soil topdressing.

Soil Amendment

Your lawn loves a fresh layer of soil!

Like anything, your lawn can deteriorate over time.  Sure, we can bring in new turf and install a beautiful new lawn for you whenever that time comes.  But we often provide renovations to existing yards instead of brand new installs.

This allows us to save you money by working with what is already in place and it saves time and resources for everyone involved.

As with many parts of the country, we see soil quality as a concern in many parts of Oahu.  On the Windward side in particular, the range in soil materials is vast.  In some areas of Kailua the soil is mostly sand, while in other parts it can be mostly clay.

Adding a layer of topsoil is a great way to add nutrients back into the existing turf and soil.  It can also fill in minor divots and improve smoothness on undulated yards. We use Menehune Magic soil amendments from Hawaiian Earth Products.

While it is be beneficial to topdress turf and landscaping beds one to two times a year, aerating your grass is needed much less frequently.

When to Aerate

Aerating is the best way to open up compacted soil, it allows oxygen to get to turf root systems and promotes regenerative growth.  It is best to aerate and topdress together, in that order.

With a normal lawn and conditions, aeration is recommended once every 1-4 years, based on need.

But aeration can be used to smooth out bumpy lawns, too.

If your yard is bumpy and undulated to the point that topdressing alone can’t fix the problem, repeated aerating can bring vast improvements.

In this case, you would want to aerate 3-4 times a year until the desired smoothing effect is achieved.  This can usually be done in a years time, after which point you can revert back to a normal aerating schedule.

If you would like to learn more about how fresh soil can help your lawn, please contact us here to set up an appointment or just to talk and ask more questions.

If you would like to learn more about topdressing and aeration so you can do it yourself, you can download this helpful report here.

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